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R510 Factory Reset Incomplete or Hung?

New Contributor III
I have a "new to me" R510 access point that I can't seem to get into.

I've done the hold the reset button for over 6 seconds procedure several times now.

If the unit is on my lan via a port on my PoE switch, it gets an IP from my DHCP server, and also sets up the Wireless lan.

But I can not ssh or get https to respond on the IP issued by my DHCP server.  It does respond to ping though.  I have verified that the IP address I'm pinging has a MAC address that matches the MAC address on the R510's label, so I know I've got the right IP.

If I connect to the SSID with the unit's serial number as the password, it doesn't issue an IP address to my client.

If I bring it up directly connected to my PC using a POE injector, it configures itself with the IP address and using a hard coded address on the PC I can ping it, but again I can't get SSH or https to respond at  Connecting a client to the Configure.Me-xxxx WiFi network works, but the client doesn't get issued an IP address and I can not connect to the unit.

I don't know the history of this unit, nor what firmware level it is running other than it must be some version of Unleashed due to the Configure.Me-xxxx wireless lan it creates.

Are there any other tricks I could try to get this unit to try and respond?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Brian,

   Welcome to the Ruckus family.  You have an AP running Unleashed firmware, that behaves differently
than our Solo/Standalone image or SmartZone/ZoneDirector controller managed.  Here is a public KBA
that describes how you must use the Configure.Me SSID to access the AP.  Then, you can consider if you
like the Unleashed environment, or want to use the Solo image/mode.

New Contributor III
Hi Michael,
I've used the first doc's procedure before.  That's what's not working.
Attempting to connect via http or https to the DHCP address on the ethernet LAN side fails with "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" in Chrome.  I don't get the certificate error warning like shown in your first document.

If I connect a device (iPad or Laptop) to the Configure.Me-XXYYZZ SSID and use the AP's serial number as the password, the WiFi joins, but the device doesn't get an IP address from the AP.  The device then configures a auto-configuration IP in the 169.254.x.x subnet range.  Attempting to browse to results in the following error on Chrome:

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.


FYI - I can't access the second link you posted, even when logging in.


Hi Brian,

Start fresh with a factory reset.

You have mentioned "6 seconds" but actual factory reset will only triggers when you push and hold the reset button for 10 or more seconds.

Step-1: Make sure AP is getting power. Use a clip to push and hold reset button for 12 seconds. Wait for device to reboot and come online (Observe power status LED to turn flashing or stable green).

Step-2: Hookup the AP to POE injector with your laptop and assign (gateway blank) IP address to your laptop. Try to ping your own IP and then APs default IP


Connect the AP to network and check what IP it gets from DHCP server. Ping the IP address.

Step-3: If you are able to ping, try to access the IP over browser and also try SSH into it with. Check if you get login prompt. Proceed further if you get access.

If still it is not working, device may be faulty and you may need to replace it.

Syamantak Omer
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"Check if you get login prompt. Proceed further if you get access." 

I think the reason why some people would do hard reset is because they don't know the password, correct?  Giving the advice to "proceed further" does not seem helpful at all.