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R500 and ZD1100 - ZD Cannot See New R500 AP?

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Hello all,

Firstly I know this kit is old and past EoL BUT I've inherited this network and keen to make the most of it before we get chance to overhaul the WiFi.

Had an old un-adopted R500 AP in a box, looking to add it to the Zone Director. Factory reset the AP, plugged into a PoE port on the correct VLAN, would assume the Zone Director would be able to see it and I'd be waiting to approve it from Configure > Access Points but it's not showing any new/unadopted APs.

Anyone have any ideas what to try?


Thanks all! 🙂


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Hello both.


Firstly, thanks hugely again for the assistance. I know it's long past EoL and it's been fantastic everyone's been so helpful.

The AP is now configured and working well. As we run the management VLAN tagged on the ports, it was just a case of assigning that VLAN and IP after the AP is told to look to the Zone Director.

So the stages were:

1 - Put the AP on a port with all VLANs to (eventually) use with the SSIDs/WLANs you'd like it to "serve" plus have that port tagged in the management VLAN, and untagged with PVID in the default VLAN where it can get an IP for the sake of initial management.

2 - Set it to accept management from the Zone Director. Don't recall the menu option though. Don't reboot yet.

3 - Set the IP for the AP (the one on the management VLAN it's supposed to live on) then set eth0/whichever port as a trunk port, PVID on default VLAN.

4 - Reboot and all is well.

Thanks again all. Working fine now. 🙂

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Hi @JRA 

Can you login to the AP and see if the Controller IP is being learnt. You would need to execute :

rkscli: get director
------ ZoneDirector Info ------
Primary Controller : n/a
Secondary Controller : n/a
DHCP Opt43 Code : 3

If the above output shows n/a, it means AP has not learned the controller IP and you can execute manually the same using below command :

 set director ip <ZD IP>

If the issue persist after making above changes or IP is already listed please share version on ZD and AP. For AP use CLI command"get version" and output of "get syslog log".

Best Regards



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Hi there - Firstly thanks MUCH for the reply! I know this stuff is long EoL, grateful for the help indeed.

I've factory reset the AP itself, which I think would give it an IP of, but the subnet that the APs are on doesn't use 192 addresses. I would have thought just by plugging the AP into the correct VLAN that the Zone Director would at least "see" the AP but just show it as unadopted. That correct?

If not, what would be the best way to connect to the AP itself in this case (should I need to)?


Thanks again there. 🙂


EDIT - Thinking I'll stick it on a scope with DHCP on it, get it an address, browse to it and then slap a config on it somehow. Looks like the network here runs APs tagged at the ports so realistically it's got no chance of seeing the ZD currently.


When you plug in the AP to the network it shall receive an IP from the DHCP scope, so probability of AP on default is quite less, you can check DHCP server to check the latest entry or with MAC of this AP to identify the APs IP ? The AP connects to the controller using below :

1)Layer 2 discovery, when AP and controller are on same subnet.

2) DHCP option43, which is configured on DHCP server (AP receive controller IP during bootp)

3) DNS "A" record, which is again configured on DHCP  server "(AP receive FQDN during bootp)"

4) Static entry (the command I had shared earlier).

If none of the above are done AP would not be seen on ZD event/alarm at all.

Best Regards


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Hi again,

Certainly getting stranger! Ok the APs all sit on ports with tagged VLANs (one for each of the SSIDs plus the VLAN for the APs themselves, which is tagged,) though are all untagged on the default VLAN with PVID on AP ports also on the default VLAN. The AP itself takes an address in DHCP on the scope for the default VLAN. Super.

Can ping and reach the web page for the setup of the AP, which is also a good sign. The ZD cannot "see" the AP listed in Access points > Configure but it can ping the IP of the new AP. Though, of course, the ZD is in the same VLAN as the APs with a static IP (no DHCP on that VLAN) and those are tagged packets.

 A very very weird thing happens though. If I run through the setup with the AP on the default VLAN then nothing happens; ZD can't see it. However if I put the AP onto another VLAN (eg the phones VLAN) then the ZD will see it JUST as it finishes the setup wizard and restarts. I can approve it in the list but I can't then administer it nor can the ZD see it ever again after that.

Is this giving any clues?

Thanks for sticking with me this sure is strange! 🙂