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R500 access point go offline and non responsive when configuring with 1100 controller

New Contributor II
Hello everyone, We have an issue configuring new R500 access points with a ZD1100 controller and wanted to know if anyone else has either seen this issue or has a fix.

We have a ZD1100 running version build 11. We have tried to introduce two R500 access points and when the controller sees them it detects it joins with a different firmware/custom file version and is being upgraded. We then get a message that the AP is disconnected and we cannot communicate with the access point again.

2018/07/05  12:54:20Medium AP joins with uptime [147] s and last disconnected reason [Update Backup Image]
2018/07/05  12:52:57Medium AP joins with different firmware/custom file version and is being upgraded.

Do we need to match the firmware when joining new access points before joining the controller or do we need to upgrade the firmware on the controller. I am aware this is an older controller but the R500 is supported on this firmware version.

Esteemed Contributor II
Are the ZD and AP on the same VLAN?  Do you see the AP in the DHCP lease table, and can you ping it (from a workstation or from the ZD)?

You might try flashing the AP with an older Solo AP image (which will join either ZD or SZ) that you can download here: 

New Contributor II
Yes, network connectivity is all good. I can see the device picking up a DHCP addresses and attempt to communicate with the controller. I will try an older firmware as you suggested. Thanks will post progress.

New Contributor III
Experiencing the same issue. Hopefully, there is a solution.

New Contributor II
Managed to get to the bottom of our issue . It was down to VLAN configuration on the switch. When the ap was updated it was set to use a particular VLAN and became unresponsive. Once we tagged the switch port with the correct VLAN I’d it responded to pings.