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R500 Shows "This AP is currently unable to provide wireless access" and No WLAN Settings

New Contributor II
Hello there. I'm having problem with my ZoneFlex R500. I can't find a way to access my WLAN Features, i.e. Change SSID, Enable Wireless Status. And under "Status>Device" there's an error that saying:
"This AP is currently unable to provide wireless access.
To resolve, connect to a Ruckus Controller. 
To function as a standalone AP, go to Ruckus Support, navigate to the specific AP and download"

Please help me.

Contributor II
What firmware is it running?  If it's a 9.x release that's 9.9+, then it's a ZD-only firmware and need to be updated to a 100.x release to function as a standalone.  That can be done by downloading the release from the support portal, or possibly hard-resetting via the button.

I've done resetting it for more than 4x. But my firmware is still 9.9.


Valued Contributor
HI Dane
Your AP is currently managed by an controller, at least that is what it thinks.
If you had it connected to a ZD you can just factory reset it and configure the device then as standalone.
If the AP was connected to a vSZ/SZ/SCG then you will need to load 10x.x.x.x software on it to run in standalone mode.

Kind regards