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R500 APs keep losing heardbeat, disconnecting and then reconnecting each day at the same time, why?

New Contributor II
Hi.  My R500s keep disconnecting and then reconnecting each day at the same time (6:01pm) according to the monitor log.  It's really odd and they just started doing this recently.  Perhaps I made a change to a configuration or something that caused this?  I don't use mesh, have 3 R500s and a ZD 1200 connected to Verizon FIOS Gigabit internet and have setup separate 2.4gb and 5gb networks.  Thanks

Esteemed Contributor II
It might take a wired trace between AP and controller, during the time these lost heartbeats are reported to get the clearest picture, otherwise, do you see anything in the controller logs?

Esteemed Contributor II
From your ZD's Administer/Diagnostics page, click the link under AP Logs, and save the file.
Parse thru it for your AP's mac address with an editor like NotePad++ and you should see connect/disconnect events.

Valued Contributor
exactly 6:01? everyday same time?

Esteemed Contributor II
Need a wired network trace too... is that the time the File Servers at your company all do their backups, etc.  Sounds like something (multicast?) could be flooding the LAN at that time each day...?