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R300 - Clients cannot connect after some time

New Contributor II
Dear Support-Team!

After some time, clients (Laptops, tablets or smartphones) fail to register with the AP. We cannot tell if it happens within a certain period of time.

First everything seems to be fine. The client finds the SSID, but when trying to connect, the client does not get an IP address.

Restarting the AP (power cycle) solves the issue and the client can connect immediately without any problems.

The issue was observed with firmware 9.8.

In the meantime we upgraded the firmware in steps to the 9.9 and then to the latest release and, but we are not sure if this will solve the issue.

APs are controlled by ZD3000.

Log files of two APs are available for review. We expect that ~10..15% of APs are affected by the issue.

Please let us know if you need further information!

Best regards,

New Contributor II
We are running R300's on a ZD3000 on and we are not running into this issue.  I had noticed this issue with R700's before, but not since the upgrade.  Hope it helps!

Keith - good to hear that! Thanks!

+1, Use this AP at my work (ISP provider - we are installing this AP for our buisness clients - cafe's, hotels etc) I was installed this AP into my home instead my Dir-300 DLink router and now I am using 5GHz USB-whistle in my PC instead wire) Same problem but only for 2.4g freq) I was update firmware on latest version - unconnets on 2.4G has been away) Great thanx) Hmm, 5GHz with Ruckus gave better response than Dir-300 and better than even Mikrotik 450G with wire connection o_O

New Contributor II
Keith - good to hear that! Thanks!