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Question in getting a Ruckus replaced under limited lifetime warranty.

Contributor III
One of my clients who is an end user is getting one of their APs replaced under limited warranty soon.

1) they provided proof of purchases.
2) For some reason the AP comes up with unknown company since when he purchased it online through a known authorized dealer he did not put a company since he is a end user.
3) Ruckus Rep wants them to contact the dealer to change the company name listed. Even though he is an end user ..

Since there is no company name kind of stuck in a loop..  so will have to make an end user name as  company name?

Contributor III
This happened to us with CDW, a single AP was bought under the wrong company name.
We simply complained to CDW, they were able to put in a ticket on their side (with Synex possibly) to make the correction so we could proceed with our RTF/RMA. but it took about a solid week. I would put pressure on the "Authorized Dealer". They have the tools to make their customers whole.