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Ruckus R500 Cannot access the management interface

New Contributor II
Hello everyone.
I am quite new to Ruckus products but i think is more a matter of networks and how are interpreted on the GUI. I had as a packet forwarding method Bridge to WAN and change it to local subnets NAT and Route to WAN. After that i cannot access the MGMT interface and also i cannot see the MAC address of the AP on the MAC address table of the switch that is connected.
Any suggestions are welcomed.

Esteemed Contributor II
On that Internal Subnet, did you specify a VLAN ID?
If so, you need a switch that can recognize the VLAN tagging, and a Router to handle that subnet's traffic.

New Contributor II
Thank you for your reply. On the switch side the port is trunk (2 vlans/303 and 304) plust the native vlan.  On  the Ruckus i have put management vlan the native vlan that is configured on the switch(vlan 301). That was working like a charm but since i changed the packet forward method as i mentioened....boom lost connection

Yes, so is there a router for VLANs 303 and 304?
Can a client on your Internal Subnet ping that router as it's def-gw?

Let me explain you the topology:
Router>Switch --- >     Switch port (tagged 303,304 and untagged 301  ---> Ruckus IP o10.130.0.2  Default GW (vlan 301)  plus the local subnet   (The gateway is on the router and gateway is on the router
The most importantis tha changing the packet forwarding i lost the mgmt. The MAC address table includes the MAC of the Ruckus AP showing two entries, one for each vlan 303,304, which is normal since the port is trunk.