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Preprovision AP's via DHCP


This is probably more a feature request than anything else but i'd like to put it out there

I'd like there to be some way to pre-provision AP's into a ZoneDirector. The slow way would be to be able to manually enter the mac addresses into the ZD and move them into a AP group so that when that AP connects for the first time it's already broadcasting the right networks.

A better way would be for the to be another DHCP option available to pass the AP Group down to the AP as it boots and it automatically moving to that AP group (the can be dependent on auto provisioning being on).

This would allow me to pre-provision AP's without having to unpack them and with the second option I wouldn't even need to know the mac address, meaning I can get AP's shipped directly to remote sites and just get them plugged in and they will start working.