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Port State On Cisco switch connect to Ruckus AP

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Hi all,
Any one can explain to me this question?Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e0135b77e2478c2cc7_fd230dc9bcf615fc7ff90568271b9322_RackMultipart2017121426071p29w-3427e682-da3c-428f-abd5-a71b3eec03c6-750175209.png1513262347
I have a cisco switch connect to ZD1200 and some APs. AP will broadcast SSID with vlan ID that belong management vlan on AP (VLAN 65). So what is port status that i need apply on both cisco switch and AP ? (Acess  or Trunk native vlan)

Thanks for help.

Contributor II

That is basic understanding of VLAN's.. 😉

If you use 'access' on the port, the devices on the port will not see the VLAN as a VLAN, they will see it untagged (aka VLAN 1).So your SSID should then use VLAN 1..
It is, though, a bad idea to make the management VLAN available on a SSID, unless you only need it to access management.
The best setup, is using a trunked port, where:Native/untaggeg/Access is allowed to be used by client devices, should one such try to connect, and you have DHCP option set to tell the AP's where your controller is, which should be reachable on the subnet.Have management on a VLAN, that the AP then switch too when it get's the setup from the controller.Have all other SSID's on their own VLAN(s).

Hope it helps.

Thanks Jakob,

I agree with u that management vlan need different with user's vlan. But that is requirement, i can't change it 😞 . So with my case i need a trunk port on switch and native vlan 65. Is that right???

Thanks for help.