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Poor signal to 1/3 of devices

New Contributor II

Hi.  I’m new to Ruckus and don’t know to much.  I have 3 R550’s running Unleashed in a 3500sq foot home.  I setup Unleashed as Mesh, not sure if that was a mistake.  All 3 R550’s are hardwired to the router.  About 1/3 of my devices show a poor signal all the time.  Most are Apple devices that never seem to be connected to the closest access point.  I’m trying to determine if adding a controller would help at all.  I’m read that a controller would add Fast Roaming 802.11r that apple devices support.  Thank you for any help!


New Contributor II

I think the mesh is a mistake, if they're wired, they dont need to mesh,  but I don't think that's the problem. Check that you have set the wireless regulatory region correctly.   Can you set the BSS min rate on Unleashed?  Turn it up some so that the low speed clients are forced to reconnect to a closer AP.   Never used unleashed, but have an installation of 60 AP's in a very roamy environment.

Thank you Craig for the response.  Are you using a Ruckus controller of some kind?  Any trouble with apple devices?  Thank you

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Hi David,

As Craig mentioned; don't have Mesh enabled if you don't require that functionality (you don't if all the APs are hard-wired to the network).

Also check you are running the latest version of Unleashed 200.9.

Providing you've correctly configured the master AP, having a controller won't make any different to the output power of the APs and Unleashed already has a controller anyway, it's one of your APs!

Unleashed can be configured in the GUI to enable 802.11k which might help.  I don't believe .11r would be a huge help unless all your devices are consistently roaming?

Unfortunately BSS MIN-RATE cannot currently be configured on Unleashed.

I'd recommend doing some testing with a single AP and single client to see what settings are helping/hindering.  Unleashed documentation is avilable on the Ruckus Support Site here:



BSS Min-rate can be configured on Unleashed.