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PoE Half Duplex

New Contributor II
Is it possible with any ruckus APs to run and power 2 APs from 2 PoE injectors with one cable.

Injector 1 -> Data Splitter-----------Cable--------------Data Splitter - > AP 1
Injector 2 -> Data Splitter-/                                    \-Data Splitter - > AP 2

That sounds like an interesting project. Assuming you are using CAT6 or similar? I've never done POE over all 8 strands of an ethernet cable, but I have done regular ethernet over all 8 strands once or twice when the situation called for it.
Doesn't Ruckus have some AP's with POE pass through?
Also, how will you get the data to the AP? Will they mesh?

New Contributor II
Yea using the PoE passthru could be an option - but does PoE passthru work if the first AP is PoE powered

New Contributor II
The issue is that the particular location is near impossible to run a new wire to and existing cabling that wasn't in use by other APs was cut and not rejoined (by electricians when the hotel got a new elevator)

Contributor II
There are certain APs with PoE passthrough, and they will offer it while themselves PoE powered if they are on 802.3at.  However, this is pretty much limited to the wallplate offerings as the PoE out is designed for IP phones.

I'm fairly certain that the above will have difficulties with standard Ethernet.  For one, the added interference from double the PoE is going to cause some headaches, and the 2nd AP would have to mesh for any real chance.  If you do this, I would suggest only terminating the PoE pairs of the second AP as having it attempt to use the Ethernet will only result in collisions and more frustration.

How long is the cable run in question?