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P300 multipoint

New Contributor II
What is the maximum number of multipoint links that a P300 outdoor AP can support, the manuals are not clear?

I need to design a solution for a client with 50 remote sites working from a single head end site. The 'head end' site is the only location with fiber connectivity, all 50 remote sites will require radio connections.

Can someone advise me on how to go about this design using P300's?

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New Contributor II
Just figured out from the getting started guide that a P300 root bridge  can support up to 10 non root bridge AP's...

Valued Contributor II
yes. correct. its in the datasheet too
10X SCALABILITY WITH WIRELESS MULTI-NODE BRIDGING - Each root bridge capable of supporting up to 10 receiving bridges.

with internal antenna P300 got 30 degree beam width so to cover 360 degree you need to have 12 root P300 at the central point
another option is to go with P300 with 120 degree external antenna which will reduce no of devices at central point to just 3.

Above both options does NOT support 50 remote devices so you need to Talk to Ruckus SE in your region to help you design a better solution.