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How to create Guest Network without Captive Portal?

New Contributor II
Using ZD1106 with 2 AP's and FW Version 9.8 Build 373

Caveat: Not the original tech that set up our Ruckus and not super well versed in WLAN administration. I'd like to create a guest network without using a captive portal. Guest network shouldn't be able to access the internal network, but just use internet.

We've had issues with a number of guests coming to our office where the captive portal doesn't show up or they can't connect at all, and we end up letting them connect to our internal network. We also don't have resources to customize the Ruckus Captive portal page so it all looks a little hacky to guests, so we'd like to just skip that step. We also have to connect unusual devices like the Microsoft Hololens which doesn't easily pop up a captive portal...

Should I be using something other than the Guest Network setting in the WLAN like Hotspot or Anonymous? 

New Contributor III
Hello Blair,

if i was you, i was going to create a standard usage WLAN and apply Wireless Client Isolation on that WLAN. Just remember to add your controller as well as your gateway to the whitelist.