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P300 SpeedFlex test , is it accurate?

New Contributor II
Using a P300 bridge about a quarter of a mile apart to connect a ZoneDirector 1106 to six 7782 APs. We were expecting at least 500Mbps up to 900Mbps throughput from the P300 bridge but are only getting about 200Mbps or less using Speed Flex.
Any ideas why so slow?

Valued Contributor II
80MHz channels will nearly double the max throughout and I find in practice it does close to double observed throughout. With point to point bridges I would not expect much co channel interference concerns around operating 80MHz.

I am going to suggest we try the 80Mhz channel width. Will let you know what happens.

I am having a similar issue with a pair of P300's and currently have an open case to troubleshoot why I am not seeing the expected speeds with an 80Mhz channel.  Duplicated on my bench so shall reply if we find a root cause.

New Contributor
Found this thread while researching the same issue.  I know this is a year old but, wanted to comment incase anyone else came across it.  After a bit more research found this in the release notes from version under "Resolved Issues":

Added a warning message informing the user that the SpeedFlex tool built into the P300 UI is unable to accurately measure the maximum throughput speed due to CPU limitations, and therefore users should use SpeedFlex to verify connectivity only, or to use an external platform to run speed testing. [FR-2706]

Hope it helps