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Can't Rejoin WAP to ZDirector after Factory Reset

New Contributor
I have a ZF R300 WAP that is currently on my network and I can SSH into the WAP. This WAP was previously connected to our company's Zone Director with a different IP. I have reset the WAP to factory, Uploaded the latest firmware, but when I go to SSH into the WAP and use the CLI Set Director IP X.X.X.X it says "Command is not recognized". Is this because the WAP is saved on the Zone Director still? How do I get the WAP to accept the command.

New Contributor
What firmware did you upgrade to? It could be you need to use "set scg ip"

SSH to the AP and run "get version"?  

You can issue the "set factory" and "reboot" from there too.

If you need for an R300, it's in this .zip file: 

That is the firmware version I'm running. I remember using "set scg ip" like a year ago, and I think that's what I need. Do you use set scg ip or ??