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Older APs with 64mb RAM - performance

New Contributor III
Would like to upgrade Zonedirector 3000 to 9.8 to add newer AP models but still wan to support older APs, mostly 7762s. What does this mean: "Early models of Ruckus APs have 64mb RAM that may limit performance running 9.8+ firmware"?
How/where is the performance issue (does it affect individual APs, ie slow network speed or is it a system-wide thing - limit on users/WLANs etc. thanks

Internal Employee
Hi Treebert,

Check the below article for more information on this.

New Contributor III
Unfortunately I am not allowed access to this document. If you can provide this information to me, it will help me decide whether or not to purchase more Ruckus APs (and support). thanks

Internal Employee

The article says the below information:

64mb AP Performance Considerations 7962 7762 7363 7343 7341

Summary : Early models of Ruckus APs have 64mb RAM that may limit performance running 9.8+ firmware.

Question : What considerations are necessary with 64mb APs in current firmware?

Customer Environment : Customers who still employ 64mb RAM APs: 7962, 7762, 7363, 7343, 7341 after 9.7 release

Root Cause : More capable and feature rich firmware has higher requirements on AP processing, and older model APs with 64mb need to be limited for best results.

Troubleshooting Steps : View ZoneDirector Monitor/Access Points page which lists AP Model type.

Resolution : Disabling non important services and reducing the number and type of WLAN serviced is recommended.

See the attached 64mb AP Performance Considerations document for further details.
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New Contributor III
This is very helpful, thank you