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No Firmware Update without Support Contract

New Contributor II
Hi out there.
Im new to the Ruckus so please don't nail me for some Questions.
We are running a Zone director Build.
For the acces points it is - built 12:25:19, Jul 15 2009 ?
The system was installed in 2012.
I started to look for a firmware update after i faced the problem with the Null redirection.
To bring it together:
I have to pay for support to solve a firmware problem for a unit that is not older than 2 years ?

Valued Contributor II
Hi Christian,

A support contract gives you quite a few things in addition to software upgrades (not just'll also get access to our newest features).

- 24x7 technical support
- Advance replacement on your controller
- Optional advance replacement on your APs
- Access to premium content and knowledge-base articles
Learn more at

We're running an "amnesty" program right now (through Mar 30 2014) so there are no re-instatement fees and no back-dating. Your contract will begin the day we process your order. And we have great discounts on multi-year renewals as well. See your reseller for details.


New Contributor II
I see, hope they will charge you when you have a software problem with the control unit of your new car. Maybe than you understand what i'm talking about.
Some people call it customers satisfaction.

Valued Contributor
I'm not a Ruckus employee.

I'd say that's pretty standard. You do get 90 days of free support when you buy a product. I think there's really nothing to complain about here, it's just the way vendors do it.

New Contributor
It is a shame as I have a few Ruckus Access Points and want to deploy a Zone Director but I just want to get a second hand box off ebay and flash it's firmware so I at least know there is a chance it will be secure and stable. But the policy of restricting firmware upgrades means the second hand market is limited and stability and security updates to these units can not be performed.

It's not like these units are shipped from the factory with a printed circuit board and are non upgradable - these are effectively Linux servers that need both periodic security patches and fixes to the Ruckus software.

If I spend £1000 on a Zone Director for managing 6 AP's I would not expect to have to pay to receive updates to the software that Ruckus have since fixed since the box was manufactured.

If I was deploying these in a live environment that demanded a supported fix and response then I would take out a support contract but I want to deploy these at home and in a registered charities office.