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Monitoring of ruckus 2942 using nagios via snmp

New Contributor II
Im really new in NMS, specifically nagios which looks quite a bit complicated and daunting.

i have 2 ruckus 2942 that i want to monitor via nagios SNMP.

on the AP side, i have Software Version:
and under administration > management, i selected SNMP only.
thats seems to be the only config i can find for snmp in ruckus.

on Nagios side, i typed-in the address of my AP (same subnet with nagios), and i have no clue what to put under "SNMP services"

i googled for ruckus 2942, even checked the manual of the AP, but there were no instructions how to add ruckus 2942 OID's on a 3rd party NMS

really need your assistance on this please.


Valued Contributor II
Each NMS has it's own methods for loading the MIB files. I would honestly steer you towards Cacti or OpenNMS (or any one of dozens of others)- both a quite a lot easier to use (esp Cacti). Nagios makes my head hurt every time I look at it. The MIB files for each specific release can be found in the Download area of our website.