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New to ZF7372

New Contributor II
Hi, I just using ZF7372 for my Home and currently I'm using firmware (just upgraded)
I have several questions:

1. Firmware: What are the difference ZoneFlex Solo Access Point and Standalone AP Software?
I'm using this AP is just standalone. So I'm curious on "Solo" and "Standalone" word 🙂

2. My date can not sync to NTP (default:

3. Ethernet Ports :: Port 1 cannot be enabled

Any advise is really appreciated. Thank you.


New Contributor III
That's really odd. I use Google's time server "", and it syncs fine.

currently i'm using too, been for a day and no change at all 😞

New Contributor III
Aw man sorry to hear that. Only thing I can think of, is changing the firmware to a previous version, if possible.

Yeah ... I'm thinking to downgrade the firmware too. Anyone has experience using or

Just downgrade to and my problem #3 "Ethernet Ports :: Port 1 cannot be enabled" has been resolved 🙂
But not for the ntp, still can not sync 😞