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New to ZF7372

New Contributor II
Hi, I just using ZF7372 for my Home and currently I'm using firmware (just upgraded)
I have several questions:

1. Firmware: What are the difference ZoneFlex Solo Access Point and Standalone AP Software?
I'm using this AP is just standalone. So I'm curious on "Solo" and "Standalone" word 🙂

2. My date can not sync to NTP (default:

3. Ethernet Ports :: Port 1 cannot be enabled

Any advise is really appreciated. Thank you.


Contributor III
1) solo and standalone same thing ...I think they used solo name later at some point. 2) since the change over to Commscope. They probably forgot to port over the ntp to ruckus. You should use a different ntp server.
3) can not help you with that yet, I haven’t used a 7372 in a long time...might have to break one out of the box since a client gave me one.

noted and many thanks for your insight 🙂
for ntp, i did use other ntp servers, but same thing, cannot update/sync 😞

New Contributor III
Ran into an issue like this with my zf 7351. Use the ip address of the ntp server and it should sync.

just try using ip address, still not sync 😞 so i'll wait for several hours then 🙂