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New AP R510 does not join existing unleashed network

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I have an unleashed network consisting of two R510 and wanted to add a third AP.

At first the new AP was detected and automatically upgraded to the latest firmware however after some time the AP changed its status to offline and no clients were connected. I moved it to another location and again its status was offline. I moved it back, changed power adapter,but no joy.

I removed the AP from the network configuration hoping it would rediscover it.
When I turn it on the red light will turn on, after some time PWR light blinks green and some time later CTR blinks..
At some point both blink. Isee the SSID, can connect to it. Can do stuff like FW upgrades.
All AP's have the same (latest) firmware

Under admin/administration/upgrade I see the new accesspoint. Even when I have disconnected it.
What can I do to fix this?


Swapped the AP for another one that joined the network after a firmware upgrade and some reboots. All works as expected. So it seems the previous AP was bad. Thanks for the help.

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Finally managed to login into the AP..
This is what I have:

rkscli: get version
Ruckus R510 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP
rkscli: get election

The local AP's ip address is, Election role is member, Fix role is NO, Debug level is INFO, Prefer master is 00:00:00:00:00:00, Prefer Second master is 00:00:00:00:00:00, Dedicated Mode Enabled: NO

MacAddress IpAddress Role CfgID StaRate FreeMem MeshEna MeshNode MeshNodeType Model ActiveVer BackupVer SysTime BoardType UpTime LastSeen
34:8f:27:0d:6b:60 master 1086 53 247316 0 0 0 R510 94631383 r510-5-31-4bss [6 hrs 31 mins 20 secs] [Thu May 18 16:49:50 2023]
34:8f:27:0d:8a:20 member 1086 45 307436 0 0 0 R510 0 r510-5-31-4bss [3 days 22 hrs 17 mins 7 secs] [Thu May 18 16:49:52 2023]
24:79:2a:3f:bb:c0 member 4 57 288440 1 0 8 R510 0 r510-5-31-4bss [9 mins 20 secs] [Thu May 18 16:49:52 2023]

The third AP does not join the existing two AP's network as you can see. But does have the same FW level.

Hello @Ronald 

The IP address of the third AP is which is default IP of the AP.

While master AP IP address is, both the APs are having different network.

Please login into the third AP via CLI with IP and set the static/manually IP in the same subnet which is assigned for the master AP.

Below is the command to set the static IP on the AP via CLI

set ipaddr wan <ip address> <subnet mask> <gateway>

To login into the third AP your PC needs to be on the same network of, you need to assigned static IP on your PC, please follow the below setps.

Configure a 192.168.0.x (other than .1) on the PC Ethernet interface:
     -  Go to the start button on your PC and click on control panel.
     -  Click on Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing center.
     -  On the next screen click on "Change Adapter Settings".
     -  On the next screen Right mouse click on the Ethernet adapter and then choose "Properties".
     -  On the next window scroll down to "Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)" and double-click, to bring up the next window.
     -  Change the setting from "Obtain an IP address automatically" to "Use the following IP address".
     -  In the next line down enter the IP address and use a subnet mask of, and click OK.
        (Remember to change the auto IP address setting back when done working with the AP).

Hi Ayush,
Thanks so much for your extensive reply.
I gave a reply, but for some reason it didn't save it.

I kinda gave up but after reading your post I decided to try once more.
The AP gives me most of the time a red light and does not boot when I connect it to either a PoE or separate power adapter. However..
Sometimes it does boot and after some time it does join the network, but most of the time CTL blinks and after a period of time the red light turns on and nothing happens afterwards. Or it's simply the red light that is turned on after I plug in the power (and nothing else). Reset button does not work either.

My guess is that the AP is not OK. setting up the other AP's was a breeze so something might be fishy. This morning it did boot and joined the network after a minute or so, but was kicked out and set to "disconnect". Now the red light again and nothing else. Reset button doesn't work either.

What do you think, bad AP, or do you have some tricks in your sleeve?

Swapped the AP for another one that joined the network after a firmware upgrade and some reboots. All works as expected. So it seems the previous AP was bad. Thanks for the help.

New Contributor

hi all, i got the same problem, the difference are both of them are on the same subnet. but the later one cannot join the unleashed network. any experience solving this?