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New AP R510 does not join existing unleashed network

New Contributor II

I have an unleashed network consisting of two R510 and wanted to add a third AP.

At first the new AP was detected and automatically upgraded to the latest firmware however after some time the AP changed its status to offline and no clients were connected. I moved it to another location and again its status was offline. I moved it back, changed power adapter,but no joy.

I removed the AP from the network configuration hoping it would rediscover it.
When I turn it on the red light will turn on, after some time PWR light blinks green and some time later CTR blinks..
At some point both blink. Isee the SSID, can connect to it. Can do stuff like FW upgrades.
All AP's have the same (latest) firmware

Under admin/administration/upgrade I see the new accesspoint. Even when I have disconnected it.
What can I do to fix this?


Swapped the AP for another one that joined the network after a firmware upgrade and some reboots. All works as expected. So it seems the previous AP was bad. Thanks for the help.

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New Contributor II

An update... Saw that some configuration was still present in the network configuration. Made a backup and partially restored it. After the "ghost" AP (the new one) was gone. Turned on the new AP which then joined. Good news.....

However, after some time the AP disconnects while marked as "Master". Did the network fail in negotiating who is the master? Is a network with 3 AP's without a dedicated master not supported? Many questions...

Hello @Ronald 

Please confirm the firmware version of the existing R510 APs and the new AP which you added.

Please login in all the AP CLI and run the below command and paste the output here 

get version

get election

To join the unleashed controller, all the APs needs to be on the same firmware version.

Thanks Ayush...