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Netgear GS748TPS

New Contributor II
We're having problems getting 7055 and 7372 AP's to provision. The network is using Netgear GS748TPS switches and a Zonedirector ZD3100 running 9.7. We already have 88 7025's up and running, but the newer AP's won't provision. They pull their IP's fine and we can log into the AP's but the Zd never sees them. Any ideas?

New Contributor III
How many PoE devices are connected? Keep in mind that the 7025 only has 100mbit ports while the 7055 and 7372 have gigabit ports. Could well be a cabling or portsettings issue.

New Contributor II
We have about 25 7025's on the switch, well under its budget. I've setup 4 different ports with 4 different port settings from 100mbit half duplex to 1g full and no dice. The switch will provision 7962's, 2741's and 2942's from my museum, but the 7372's and 7055's are no go's.

Valued Contributor
@Idgara. What's the status?

Valued Contributor II
Is there anything in the path which might reduce MTU? (stacked vlans for example?)

New Contributor III
afaik stacked VLAN's are unsupported on the GS series. They do support jumbo frames out of the box. Are the ports statically configured as access port? (no tagging nor LLDP dynamics?)

Assuming the AP's are all in the same VLAN did you check the ZD settings in the AP using the 'get director' command in the CLI as mentioned by Primož Marinšek?

How do you push the ZD info? DHCP or DNS? If by DNS, there are no MAC address bound scopes?

I guess the simplest way to test is to manually assign one AP to the ZD using 'set director' command in the CLI. If that works, make a network snif to see if and what is offered to the ZD.