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Need help doing setup of Zoneflex 7372 with Linksys DIR655 wireless router

New Contributor II
I feel like I must be missing something basic here and would appreciate suggestions. Ive had a network working well here at the house. Typical home wifi setup with Cox Cable: Cox coax cable to the Cable Modem, Cable Modem ethernet to Linksys DIR-655 wireless router, Wireless devices all access OK. Now, wanting to add Ruckus to the network to improve coverage in home and add speed for gaming and AppleTV streaming. So I connected Ruckus to an open ethernet port on Linksys Wifi Router. Ruckus shows power light, but nothing else. Tried to use a browser to but got Linksys admin screen... no problem... reset Linksys IP to and reboot. Expected then I could get to Ruckus at at that point. No luck. Still cant login to Ruckus and run setup or configuration. Still no joy. Suggestions??? Thanks!!

Hi. I highly recommend you consult with someone skilled in IT to assist you with your deployment.

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Ummm... well OK.. So Im not really an IT engineer any longer but Ive been in IT 30 years. I understand the fundamentals of networking. I'd actually appreciate comments from someone who knows the technology. Your comment didn't really help but thanks for trying.

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Hey Rob,

Yeah it seems you been out of the loop for quite a while. Anyway what cable modem do you actually have? Is it an actually an old Linksys cable modem or some other brand? Some cable modems default to or (Like motorola ) also Note the wifi model number you gave us is actually a D-Link Wireless router BTW.

If you are intending to use the Zoneflex 7372 as an access point, you probably want to change the default IP to something else...

At this point is the first figure out what actual devices you really have and if you logging on to the cable modem or the dlink router...

I would first straighten out your IPs for your existing devices...

after that you can just probably plug in a recent laptop directly to the Ruckus (assuming you have a POE injector) and just configure the laptop IP to (for example) and log into the Ruskus at (Note don't bother plugging it to your main network.. Just get the IP changed...

I would avoid using 192.168.0.X IP range for your main network too may consumer devices comes preconfigured with 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x ...... try using 192.168.100.x if you like or a different class of network like 10.1.x.x

anyway, hope this is a quick simple refresher....

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Thank you very much for the helpful reply. It tells me Im doing the right things. Here is what I have and what I did:
- Cable Modem is Motorola Surfboard SB6141. Cox comes in to it.
- Wireless Router is Linksys DIR-655. Ethernet to this comes from the Motorola port.
- Trying to connect a brand new ZF 7372 to one of the Linksys ethernet ports

Since my network has been working great for a long time, and recently Ive upgraded the Linksys firmware as well successfully, and the 8 different wireless devices I have all work great, I figured adding the Zoneflex would be easy. My buddy added one to his network and it was a breeze for him.

So first thing I did (maybe my note wasn't clear) was I reset my Linksys IP to with the idea that this would make sure the Zoneflex default IP of would work. I now can manage my linksys from the .2 address. But I still cant get to the ZoneFlex on the .1 address.

I will try your suggestion of connecting from my Windows laptop direct to the Zoneflex. I did not try that. I appreciate your suggestions! Will let ya know...