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Need a way to reboot 7982 APs after hours every two weeks.

New Contributor II
After about 3 weeks of operation my 7982s are becoming unresponsive and I have to reboot them to get them operational again(yes I have contacted support, after 3 weeks of BS and two rev updates I am still no farther along). I see there are script capabilities for the APs, can I use this functionality to reboot my 7982s after hours every two weeks or so?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Douglas,

  What code/version are you running on your APs, and what do you mean by "unresponsive"?
Are you on a flat LAN with a couple standalone or ZD/SZ managed APs?  Can you still ping
your APs from the LAN when they appear to be in a problem state?  I'm curious, as I haven't
heard of this behavior.  Does it seem that clients can still use the WLANs, whether you can
talk to the APs?

New Contributor II
2. Controller reports the APs are offline, can ping the AP sometimes, APs will for a time show up on the controller off and on, sometimes I can "catch" an AP and get it to reboot from the controller interface, If I wait too long I have to reboot them manually. Sometimes I can SSH into and AP, if I can get TOP to come up the load average is usually over 8.
3. I am on a routed(10 sites) network, running a Virtual SmartZone controller(, I am currently running  181 APs, a mixture of 7982s and 710s.
4. No the clients can't use the AP when it becomes unresponsive.

 This started happening about a month after I upgraded from> and has persisted through> and>

See Case 00562204 for the failed attempt by support to fix the problem.

New Contributor II
Anybody have any ideas or any other forums that might help?