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Need Ruckus device to handle Engenius Acces Point as a Private and Public Wi-fi

New Contributor
Dear Sir/Mam
I bought 9 Access Point of Engenius EAP 300.
We want a Ruckus Device to handle all these access points so that,
i can give wi-fi connectivity to my guest user for 1-2 hour in a day and after it will disconnect automatically.
And again they will connect after 24 hour(next day) and same also remain going for next days....
I want to use Access point as a Private and public Wi-fi....
Please help and tell the Ruckus device to handle all this.

Valued Contributor II
Hello Mohd Sadiq Samad,

Ruckus controller can manage ONLY ruckus Access points. AFAIK some of Ruckus Mediaflex (now EOL) CPE devices can act as client and connect to your Engenius EAP 300.

Hope this helps.