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My zd1200 connect to every except one AP r320

New Contributor II
I have 40 APs R320 connected to a zonedirector 1200 with 40 licences, I don't know why but at every time I have one AP which not connected

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Ayoub,

The AP which is offline, are you able to ping it and login from the CLI?
Will the issue gets resolved automatically or will you do any workaround for it?

New Contributor II
hello Sanjay,

no it can't answer to a ping , no I always have the same issue

Hi Ayoub,

If the AP is not answering to ping or SSH, then it is the problem from the AP side and not from the ZD license.
If it is a license issue, then it will show offline on the controller, but the AP will still have the IP address and should be responding to ping and SSH.

You might have to check on the AP side at the time of issue.