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My AP Nerver Contacted the cloud

New Contributor II
Hello everyone, I currently have a test account in the cloud ruckus to manage my AP. I would like to add an AP R500 in this cloud. I reset the ap I connected to the internet and this after creating an ap in the cloud.
Please somebody can help me to fix this issue?

Contributor III
Hi Florent,

Please make sure you have Unleashed firmware on it, and make sure you reset the AP again.


Abilash PR

New Contributor II
Hello Abi
Thank you very much for your answer.
 Unfortunately I'm new on ruckus. The documentation that i read said that i just have to reset the ap an connect it to internet. 
Now the problem i have is to know if this action is enough to unleash an AP to Cloud Wifi?

Valued Contributor
Hi Fronelt,

What version of firmware is your R500 running?

If your firmware isn't the correct version, the AP won't automatically connect to the Ruckus Cloud service.

Unleashed as mentioned by Abi, is a separate firmware train from standalone, Cloud and SmartZone and is intended for centrally managed deployments of APs without a controller appliance.

I would recommend installing the latest version of Unleashed firmware or the R500's standalone software, currently version:

This support page might help:


Hello Darrel;
Thanks for your support. My issue have been solved. It way a problem of firmware version.