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Multiple ZF7372 on a network without VSZ or controller.

New Contributor

I had 3 ZF7372 that're forced to go standalone because vsz no longer supported an EOL product.
I reset everything to factory. Configured them with individual SSID for each floor.
1st ZF7372 with  SSID HotspotGF
2nd ZF7372 with SSID Hotspot1F
3rd ZF7372 with SSID Hotspot2F.
I had two phones. 
android phone1.
android phone 2. 
I connect
phone 1 to HotspotGF first.
phone 2 to Hotspot1F first.

However the problem comes when i tried to do this.
Phone 1 join Hotspot1F. 
Phone 2 join HotspotGF.
Immediately, both couldn't get any internet.

When i tried to switch them back, phone 1 back to HotspotGF and phone 2 to Hotspot1F, internet works fine.

Any idea ?