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Ruckus R710/R850 low Downlink speed than Uplink

New Contributor II


Hi Ruckus Mems,
I recently have Ruckus R700, R710 and R805.

1/ I try to use Speedflex App on my iPhone iOS (12 Pro Max) to test speed to AP.

With R700 Standalone (latest firmware):
- Downlink: 424.9 Mbps, U: 594.8 Mbps

With R710 Unleashed (latest firmware):
- Downlink: 242.4 Mbps, U: 537.4 Mbps

With R850 Unleashed (latest firmware):
- Downlink: 433.7Mbps, U: 1.3Gbps

With R850 Standalone (latest
- Always ask to check AP IP (may be app is old)

So please help me why the Uplink is always low? How can I improve this? How can I explain to my Boss 😄



RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Kazihaha,

I believe this is a bug in our UI Speedflex app, Please log a tac case with us for continue troubleshooting. 



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @kazihaha 
The speed result between the AP and client via wireless is based on multiple factory like RSSI, SNR, Radio band, Channel bandwidth, MCS rate, etc. Based on the client condition the result varies.
Also, when doing the speed flex, the AP generates the traffic which utilizes the AP resource, resulting in the less speed in the GUI. Higher models has higher specs.

You can log a support case so that we can check the if this is caused by the client condition or something to do with the SpeedFlex.