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Multiple SSID in Ruckus ZF7372

New Contributor II
Hi All,

can i configure multiple SSID with different VLAN in Ruckus Zoneflex7372 without ZoneDirector?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Ibnu Hamzah,

Yes, you can configure multiple SSID with different VLAN in Ruckus Zoneflex7372 without ZoneDirector.

Actually this is applicable to all Ruckus Devices both indoor and outdoor.

New Contributor II
u can see my configuration..

internet configuration :

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923622_9b04014c4751bcfe75b97dbbf26a69b4_internet_inline-725d8a00-3cd8-4856-ad93-aad7c4a3abe4-1667869233.JPG1411112237

this is ethernet configuration :
Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923622_27c53d93ecc51c25a45db3fe63ed931d_ethernetport_inline-8c01796d-ef77-40a0-8603-059d1c021579-1845855474.JPG1411112350

this is local subnet 1 :

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923622_fbce70ddf1f78f177a807ea7e34fb03f_LocalSubnet1_inline-a40555c5-4351-4fca-84e0-afe9fe26c4ab-1533701401.JPG1411112400

this is local subnet 2 :

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923622_9dc67bc230f1d30efd42a03f0490793a_LocalSubnet2_inline-f804ce87-e053-43fb-bd50-eb65c71b9594-723209707.JPG1411112438

this is SSID 1 n SSID 2 :

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923622_e7e37cdd0d305bd6bfe0b33c44e38a3b_wifi1_inline-51b7a77e-0957-49ee-b9f5-bfe405fc28df-1905822765.JPG1411112531

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923622_aaf7b15f4bb8d2f821175d266b9be382_wifi2_inline-52379ac2-f98b-4106-9aca-da652e53b586-351088280.JPG1411112548

and know with this configuration, SSID 1 is success but not SSID 2. You know what wrong?

Valued Contributor II
Configuration looks right to me and cannot test at this point of time as i am at a site visit.

could you please temme just to be sure what is working and what is NOT?
Also did you try swapping the VLAN info from working to not working SSID to see if that starts to work? this is just to confirm that configuration on AP is ok and NOT some switch VLAN config issue?

New Contributor II
the isssue is if i connect use SSID 2 gateway not ip address VLAN 30 (, ip default gateway is local ip address from local subnet 2.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923be0_4dcfc968f711c2ab5c71208ced8d925a_IPDHCPVLANGuest_inline-510337a1-0ce5-4fb4-9dd9-b63174cf02a8-1197875244.JPG1411115789

this is configuration in my extreme switch :
port 7 is port 1 in Ruckus with Vlan 80

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923be0_1529be9b8d71db5c640a2d0ea90615a1_switch_inline-7a7a155f-a59d-4e87-8911-6c070d8881b3-1065029262.JPG1411116192

port 5 is port 2 in Ruckus with Vlan30

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923be0_58d1f61ee27b31d51b2bb40eb74d8cfc_switch2_inline-aa2cc35b-d8d0-40a6-9631-e556102f866d-1031703376.JPG1411116215

this is VLAN Table

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247923be0_c9173bf03b87a083e22dffc451c62212_vlan_inline-787f201d-b457-447f-8e84-328944a5b508-221356427.JPG1411116974