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Mobile clients keep disassociating or disconnecting from one ruckus access point.

New Contributor II
Samsung s5 mobiles in our organization keep disconnecting from the wifi on one of the access points at the top floor of our building.

New Contributor II
I am also facing this problem in my deployment, yet in my SSID configuration jai activate 802.11r for handover

New Contributor II
i activate the 802.11r and works, but when i do that, my wireless printers unpluged to my network, and start from the beginning again.

Hi Javier, thank you for your comment. I will try that.

Contributor III

Is the AP rebooting or are the clients juts disonnecting - whats the last known reason in the support log for AP rebooting if this is the case?

Whats does the support log on the AP say when the clients are disconnecting?

Is the AP on a ZD if so can you debug the clients that are disconnecting?

Is channel fly enabled on all of your AP's?

How many AP's do you have on the top floor and how close together are they?

Is this a MESH network?