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Mac airbooks disconnecting

I am having massive problems with my R500 units and mac airbooks 10.10.5 / elcapitan
I have had support looknig at this for  several weeks and they are of the mind that it is the mac airbooks not the ruckus equipment.

the problem occurs after the computer goes to sleep, it seems to be keeping the WIFI open but not the networking infrastructure to relay the data.

Even more annoying is it only does it with the ruckus, my $20us cisco , asus & TP-link functions  without any problems., they seem to force the connection closed, ready for the mac to re-connect after it comes out of sleep.


I've now had my case resolved.

I wanted to share the conclusion in case it's useful to anyone else.

In the end nothing to do with Ruckus- my issue was down to Apple's keychain.

It seems (possibly from iOS release 10?) that keychain shares WLAN passcodes via iCloud.

So, the issues I was seeing were among devices that shared iCloud accounts. Specifically I had 2 pairs of devices (in each case an iPhone and iPad) which were having connection issues.

Assuming unique Ruckus Pre-shared Keys (PSK), manually updating the WLAN PSK passcode on (for example) the iPad, resulted in that passcode being shared with the iPhone (via iCloud and keychain) which would promptly result in the iPhone failing authentication and disconnecting from the WLAN. The same was true the other way around,iPhone to iPad with the same mechanism.

So, I guess to generalize (and this may be obvious to most people, but certainly missed by me) iOS or MAC devices which share an iCloud account cannot use manually shared PSKs. Keychain will result in the latest PSK being exchanged among all devices which share the iCloud account.

The issue may not exist if Ruckus Profiles are used on Apple devices- but I wasn't able to test or verify that.

In the end I used a dedicated WLAN just for Apple devices.

Turning off Keychain would also work- although perhaps not desirable for most Apple users.

I hope this is useful.

Kind Regards,


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See my post here:

Most of our WiFi issues were iPhone related.  Would not be surprised if it bled over to other Apple products.