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Issues with Bonjour Gateway on Unleashed

New Contributor II
We just installed a new R710 system in our office(major upgrade from what we had), I am trying to get Bonjour gateway working, as part of our rollout we have isolated IoT devices and peoples personal devices in separate vlans, so to get Apple Tvs to work I am going to need to use the bonjour gateway. 

I have already configured our Firewall to pass the traffic between vlans if they are the Apple Tvs. Only issue I have is that the Bonjour Gateway does not seem to be repeating the mdns. 

Do I need to reboot the unleashed network for these settings to take affect. Our VAR says he updated all the APs to the latest firmware before he installed them.

I followed the online how to docs for bonjour gateway, am I missing a step on the AP?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f4135b77e2478f9ce3_21d01441a82b2f75f509efc3ce029a53_RackMultipart2018111939466e04v-9419ffc6-788e-4b40-94a4-d39f5c966112-1221108588.png1542643878
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f4135b77e2478f9ce3_c15950899dfb0450920c0d99b8ecdc4f_RackMultipart20181119319404f45-68e1c739-6dc1-4334-9f6d-4d26116c83fb-378805683.png1542643887


New Contributor II
Figured it out, I missed the section in the documents about deploying the service to an AP. As soon as I did that it all works.