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I have 2 x R510 APs, I attempted an upgrade One upgraded perfectly the other did not.

New Contributor
I have 2 x R510 APs, I attempted to upgraded them through the admin / Web login to Ver One upgrade perfectly the other did not. It reverted its self to default and I cant get to it. It has renamed itself RuckusAP. It shows itself as disconnected in the interface and when I try to restore it tells me because I upgraded that the versions are a mismatch. is there a way to get to the AP or has it died. I have tried connecting it to a switch then hard setting a laptop to the switch, it wouldnt connect. I get green power light and a flashing CTL so I believe the unit is good. Any thoughts would be helpful

Esteemed Contributor II
If you have DHCP and a def-gw on your LAN, try simply connecting to your network.The AP that has created the network on 200.6, should recognize the new AP andupgrade/configure it.