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Is there a way to reboot ALL R710's at once?

New Contributor II
We have approximately 150 R710's deployed. The complex I work at has some power related issues. When this happens AP's come back up and can be communicated with via the webconsole but clients cannot get out to the internet. Typically I just reboot the AP that I see the client connected to and off we go.

What I would like to be able to do, instead of spending most of the day randomly rebooting AP's is just reset all of them at once when I see that we've had a power outage or interruption without having to click 150 blue arrows.

Is there a plan to have this ability implemented or another method to do this that anyone is aware of?
22 REPLIES 22 Create a new txt file, only put the word reboot in it, no more commands. Will that upload?

New Contributor II
I'm using, so that could be the reason I cannot upload my script. Image_ images_messages_5f91c47c135b77e247ab3ebc_6a0f409a57e93bed50278f878bb2b669_RackMultipart2020051846560u5pi-6d608fbc-6c81-4ea3-8dd3-4f7a6e4717f8-1828571240.png1589766534

It must be, thought I could do it in that version, but I believe it works in 5.1.2