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Intermec CK31 Handhelds and Connectivity

New Contributor II
We have replaced a Cisco network in a warehouse and plastics factory with a ZD1100 and a combination of ZF7892 and ZF7372. We are running into connectivity issues for the handhelds (Intermec CK31) devices.

The handhelds run a telnet based application.

If we ping -t from the server to the access points we get excellent response times. When we do the same out to the handhelds we mostly get excellent response times in the 2 - 5 ms range. However we also get a few spurious times in the 20, 50 or couple hundred ms range. We also get an occasional set of 2 or 3 pings that time out.

The ZD is handling all the channel assignments. We do have 2 other 'rogue' access points in the environment but they are not in channel conflict.

Is there a best practices guide for configuring a warehouse?

Is ping -t a valid test of continuity? If not, what to use?

Ultimately, the end user's session freezes on the CK31. Sometimes after a wait the session recovers. Sometimes that wait causes the handheld to lock up. We can mess with the keep-alive timer but that just seems like a work around for inconsistent connectivity.

Any help/advise is appreciated. Thanks, Bob