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Interference Issues

New Contributor II
Our company has 9 ZoneFlex links using Ruckus 7731s as P2P services over 5.8GHz. They all have very good line-of-sight paths. The links range from 2 Kms to 22 Kms in length and they all suffer from interference (as shown in the logs). The signal strength is between 20 and 35. The geographical area is very isolated with only an 850MHz public cellular system used in these areas. Once the reported interference is constant, the links drops for seconds to minutes and generally recovers. We have implemented a reboot after 2 minutes in case they freeze in this failure mode.
I would like a reason for these events and is this normal for this equipment?

Valued Contributor II

You forgot to attach the logs to review..

These are typical events (in red) that cause dropouts on the link.
I was not able to send the log file. Probably because I am new to this post and cannot find the method.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c475135b77e247a9d741_dc7be69ddf28c29d234c28d999056057_RackMultipart2016031412884594s-aee2224a-b2b4-4a5d-afc1-6c1c46aa32c7-230641039.jpg1457996160

Esteemed Contributor II
I'd suggest contacting Tech Support.  Each link needs to be evaluated individually. 
If you have good line of sight, do you have the same Distance set between each pair of RB/NRBs?  This affects link timing ACKs.
Have you run the Channel Optimizer from your RBs, to see if the bridges consider the current channel to provide best bi-directional throughput?
If you have tuned each link for best performance, then look deeper into the pair of 7731 bridges Support Info files, and are there periods of high interference that affect any particular links?
When tuned and not affected by other equipment, the 7731 PtP links should act like an invisible wire in the air.

New Contributor II
Thanks for your quick reply Michael.
My installer has been working on either optimizing the links and then manually setting the channels to have good separation from each other. No improvement has been seen at this stage.
We use the links for rail signaling systems. Most of the time they work as a wire, but the equipment that relies on the Ethernet link requires a downtime no greater than 30 seconds. I am feeling the product may not be fit for purpose for my application.
I will look at the support files as you suggested and possibly contact Tech Support.