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Initial R720 setup Cant Connect https http or ssh

New Contributor
I'm configuring an R720, going through the initial setup. I factory reset the device and I can ping the default IP, however I cannot access it via the web or through SSH. There's a strong possibility that this device was once configured with a ZoneDirector, I've read that might be the problem. I'm new to Rukus and I just want to know if there's anything I can do in this situation without going through ZoneDirector, which I've never used before.

New Contributor III
Hi Adi,

How your R720 connected to your network? might be, there's an IP duplication. To make sure connect your AP and your computer to PoE injector only. Try to open network folder too on your PC or use Wireshark. if you still having a problem open a ticket to ruckus support portal. 

Try to hard reset your AP again for 20sec. hope will work 🙂