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Initial R710 setup Cant Connect https http or ssh

New Contributor II
I'm configuring an R710, going through the initial setup. I factory reset the device and I can ping the default IP, however I cannot access it via the web or through SSH. There's a strong possibility that this device was once configured with a ZoneDirector, I've read that might be the problem. I'm new to Rukus and I just want to know if there's anything I can do in this situation without going through ZoneDirector, which I've never used before. 

Yes. With Factory Reset (via PIN) also not leading to a working SSH/HTTPS.

Problem is the H.510 is in Boston and we are in the Netherlands, but we have ppl there. The H.510 also does not connect to the SZ, and we doublechecked the dhcp and option43. We can ping the AP tho.

Otherwise we wait for tomorrow and will contact Ruckus Support because all our stuff has support contracts.

If DNS is logging, are you able to see the AP asking for "ruckuscontroller"? I'm just curious. Your instincts are probably spot on. This DOES sound like a support issue.

Image_ images_messages_6081cf787d10177233200bde_bf71dd36b28da021898ac4c400960a9b_ScreenShot20210422at12.32.24PM-a82717cb-d174-4a97-b913-fd421ec0e5aa-1654328850.jpg

No, it doesn't use DNS. All i can see is the Juniper DHCP logs and ARP tables. The AP does not show up in the SZ either. So tomorrow is another day. 😉

Thanks for responding.

You are very welcome.