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IPTV over WLAN-Bridge using ZoneFlex 7982

New Contributor
We have to connect an IPTV-Box in a room, where no ethernet cabling exist. We are using 2x ZoneFlex 7982 as WLAN-Bridge using 802.11n. At one side of the WLAN-Bridge VDSL-Router from provider is connected, at the other side IPTV-Box. WLAN-Bridge works find, if we test it with WLAN-Client. But IPTV-Box does not work proper. Does somebody has an idea, if there is a special configuration do to using IPTV over WLAN-Bridge?

Valued Contributor
If you are using 2 7982s for IPTV distribution you need to setup MESH so they'll connect to each other. MESH can only work if you have a ZD and both APs are connected to that ZD.

A far cheaper alternative would be to use a 7111 to connect the STB to the 7982. You don't need MESH for that so you also don't need a ZD.

There might also be other considerations you need to take into account, like network topology, but that's something I don't know how you've got setup.

I've tried to do exactly that, but the 7111's seem to hang after transmitting just a few GB of video.  I have the network topology somewhat backwards as I have a media server (IPTV source) attached to a 7111, which is connecting to a 7982 which serves the entire house (co-located with cable internet connection and NAT router).

Is there any known fix for the 7111 hanging all the time?  I've tried two different units and they both do exactly the same thing.  It seems that the wireless interface just stops responding, as you can still ping the Ethernet interface and connect to web management via LAN, but nothing at all via wifi.

The log on the 7111 shows nothing, and the same story on the 7982 (not even a disassociate).

I'd love to get this sorted out, as there doesn't seem to be a replacement (even from a competitor) for the 7111.

By default WDS is enabled on ZD managed APs.  You might need to configure your WLAN.

For best results, WPA2-PSK and no client isolation.  Determine your what WLAN ID is in use
from AP CLI 'get wlanlist' results.

The AP CLI command you need is 'set wds-mode wlanX enable'  where X is the WLAN ID you're using.

Second, what version FW is on the 7111?  We don't have it on Support any longer but TSE might
still have firmware somewhere.

And since 7111s only use 5G, are your APs using Full transmit power on 5G radios?