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IMPLEMENTING WIFI COVERAGE ON APARTEMENTS BUILDING (TOTAL: 7 BUILDING). I have 7 building in total and each building has 18 rooms i need to implement an outdoor Solution so that we can ensure that WIFI Coverage Signals is more good in terms of Quality . Our Building are concrete but they have big mirror for transparent . Can you please advise me the suitable solution and less cost effective solution that will cover each building.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e9135b77e2478dc6e8_9be53baf26cff41d3ee68093e9f91160_RackMultipart2017090382398bsho-8a16cf7c-010e-4deb-9cb9-e3187126efc9-1584461777.JPG1504445137

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Hi Andi,

The Building where built 7 years back and the requirement was sufficient on those early days. Now the buildings are serving more staffs and this 7 blocks can accommodate up to 310 staffs.So what am doing is upgrade the WIFI Facility to be available in all the Blocks.The site was done and our WIFI Devices are working fine, My objective is to make sure the rooms which don't get signals need to get signals. The solution was very easy if each rooms has data point it was quick and fast implementation. But the buildings doesn't have data points. So i need a layout suggestion on how we can implements an effective solution weather is an outdoor & Indoor solution by running CAT6 Cable into the MDF Cabinet which are installed to each block and to the UNIT.  Conclude, I need a  solution design that is good to implement by requirement.  Your solution will be help fully.

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If there are no data points in the rooms, but you have a coax (TV antenna) cable, look into the C110 access point. This uses the coax TV network to deliver connectivity. You will also gain wired ports in the room so your staff can connect their wired network devices (IPTV set top boxes for example) instead of using WiFi