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Zoneflex: visual connection required?

New Contributor

we have two buildings in a city. The distance is aproximatly 800 meters but there is no direct visual link.
is a direct visual link required? Or can i install both zoneflex on the wall of each buildings?

Valued Contributor II
for building to building connectivity on P2P - line of sight (LOS) is needed...

however do u have any other building in between your buildings under your control or with friendly terms bcos if you do then you can do P2P dog legging...again you need LOS even then...

Dog legging is when both ends of the link have not got line of sight to each other, but both have line of sight to a common point. This common point can be used as an intermediate point or "dog leg". The most efficient way to use this point is to have 2 separate wireless bridges (4 radios total) as there is no loss of throughput. It is possible also to create a dog leg by having the intermediate point repeat the signal however this will half the links throughput as the central radio has to spend half its time listening to signals sent to it, and the other repeating them.

just rough diagram below

Your Building 1 (P2P-1) ----------------LOS---------- (P2P-1) Friendly building (P2P-2)------------LOS---------- (P2P-2) Your building 2

there are many things one can do like above, meshing, point to Multi point, P2P daisy chaining...
all depends on how important this is and what all things u have under control and where...

best of luck...

Valued Contributor II
there are solutions out there with Non Line of sight however that depends on your bandwidth requirement search on the internet with non LOS point to point, you will find some references

Thanks. I need something between 100mbit - 1000mbit. Everything would be fine. Can you tell me the product? Sorry i am not english native speaking

for P2P with line of sight -- Ruckus P300 Point to point.
i would suggest that you engage a P2P RF guys to do site survey n he can come up with possible solution...