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IMPLEMENTING WIFI COVERAGE ON APARTEMENTS BUILDING (TOTAL: 7 BUILDING). I have 7 building in total and each building has 18 rooms i need to implement an outdoor Solution so that we can ensure that WIFI Coverage Signals is more good in terms of Quality . Our Building are concrete but they have big mirror for transparent . Can you please advise me the suitable solution and less cost effective solution that will cover each building.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e9135b77e2478dc6e8_9be53baf26cff41d3ee68093e9f91160_RackMultipart2017090382398bsho-8a16cf7c-010e-4deb-9cb9-e3187126efc9-1584461777.JPG1504445137

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That solution doesn't work anymore.  There are too many client devices nowadays, and they have very small antennas (smartphones).  You mentioned your building is concrete and covered in mirrors... this is probably the worst environment for WiFi (concrete = difficult to penetrate, causing signal loss; mirrors = very reflective, causing interference)

The best (maybe only) way to go about it today is to install an access point in every room, or in every other room.  Look at the H320 or H510 APs.  If there is no network cabling in the rooms and it is too expensive to cable, look at the C110.

Which country is this in?

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Thanks for sharing. Actually we already installed Zoneflex R600 in each building like for instance each block has 3 Floor; Down & First & Second Floor and on the down floor : 8 room with 2 AP of Ruckus R600 and on First floor; 2 AP with Ruckus R600 , 2nd Floor; 1 AP R600. So the issues happen the room which are at the corner they don't get good WIFI Signal. its only the rooms which are at the center they get good signals. On this blocks we don't have data points. Its only we have MDF Cabinet that we have run the Cat 6 cable on ceiling up to the AP where they are mounted on the walls.  So am finding a suitable alternatives that i can covered at least those rooms with limited signals and improved also Good signals since the staffs we will be streaming TV Channels with our service provider. Am in Seychelles. The above project is only in Staff side giving them flexibility to relax since we are on remote island. Our MDF has 8 POE 2530 HP Switch so i have 2 ports left or upgrade to 24 port POE 2530 switch on 5 blocks that have 8 POE SWITCH.

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Adding to that, Each block total number of rooms is: 16; (Down floor:8 room(2AP R600 installed) & First  Floor:8 room 2 AP R600 installed; Second Floor: 2 room ; 1 AP R600 ) Those rooms are installed with AP each floor mounted on the walls. Our blocks is concrete but we have mirrors on the back side and front side . So i was thinking for a reasonable cost effective solution that will be good for my staffs since we will be doing streaming on TV Channels. And the total number of staffs is : 300 as baseline so the concurrent streaming connection we cans set baseline like: 250 minimum.

I hope u get me . If you have any suggestive solution much appreciate.

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Hello, now that you have installed the APs, you didn't do a site survey to ensure a good solution? And do you mean that 250 devices are going to streaming at the same time? I guess that this number will be distributed across the 7 buildings.