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I've connected with 802.11ax, but I'm not getting enough speed.

New Contributor II

For AP performance test, after wirelessly connecting two laptops to the R730 AP, I configured the server and client. This is a Wi-Fi6 network composed of SZ100 equipment and R730. (SZ100 version is

I tested it through iperf, but only about 150 Mbps was confirmed. (Measured up to 89Mbps in Samsung Note 10 wireless terminal)

All laptops use a wireless LAN card that supports 802.11ax.

Is there any way to get higher speed?

-> If you look at the status of the SSID connected with netsh wlan show networks mode=bs on a Windows laptop, the supported default speed is 24 mbps, and other speeds are only displayed up to 54 mbps. Is there something I'm missing in the wireless network setup?

What should I check first?