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Use Ruckus AP on remote site

New Contributor III

Hi, We have Ruckus vSZ with R510 AP on main site. We have a school play field few miles away. Over there we have business broadband connection with ISP supplied router that has built-in WiFi. Users visiting there use WPA key to connect to the WiFi to use the internet.

Is there a way I can use the Ruckus AP over there to connect to the vSZ on the main site?

Can I connect Ruckus AP over the internet to connect to the main site vSZ?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


New Contributor III

Yes you can do that, if your vSZ is behind nat you need to open few TCP ports at main sites and you can connect AP-s everywhere and behind NAT. You can even tunnel your data to central site using may be better firewall or providing better local security , in this case you need virtual dataplane license and virtual machine. 

thank you.

Our vSZ is behind the NAT. Is there a guide somewhere which I can read on setting up the remote AP behind NAT?

Hi Bicky,

For configuring NAT, most of the work will be done on your firewall/router. 

On the SmartZone configuration there is a single field in the 'Control Plane IP' settings where your enter the public IP of the SmartZone so this detail can be pushed out as part of the config to all APs.  N.B. you will need a public IP for each controller in the cluster, so they can all be reached by APs on the external network.

We have a Best Practice Guide for 'behind NAT' deployments avialable here:

I suspect you will need an active support contract in order to access this document on the Ruckus support site.

Hope that helps,

In the past we used to have Aruba wireless with the portable device called Remote Access Point. RAP can be plugged into the internet from anywhere and it will tunnel back to the main site controller. RAP then provides same ssid + vlan that is available on the main site. Can I do something like this with Ruckus?