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I get the "bad firmware header magic" error message when i try to upgrade T300 AP from 100.x to 104.x

New Contributor III

New Contributor III

 do you think its a bug with the R500?

======= from the ruckus technical support =====

We have a bug raised with our engineering team that new R500 with new chipset are not supported on old firmware version.

Could you please upgrade the controller firmware to 9.10.x firmware.


seems like Ruckus isn't that reliable in the area of update as compared to before... :[

OH this isnt good.  Do you have a link to the article.  We cant upgrade beyond build 15 because we will lose functionality with our older AP's, and if this is the case, this is very, very bad!

meant build 15 on the two ZD 3050's.

New Contributor III
sorry, there was no fix to this other than to upgrade the current ZD. in your scenario, i think you might have to decide between setting up 2x on an unleashed with the rest on the old firmware... or set the 2x old ones as independent AP, and upgrade everything else.

So, what you are saying is that Ruckus updated their chipset (maybe not just specific to the R500's), and didnt test backwards compatibility?  whats this "setting up 2x unleashed". sorry but i have not idea what that means, got a link to explain it a bit further?