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a problem updating ZoneFlex 7363 via TFTP

New Contributor
hi guys,
I'm running into an issue which I don't know why it occurs !!
Firstly i had an issue with the AP7363 not showing the radio tabs in the web-GUI at all. no matter how many times you firmware upgrade or soft factory reset or hardware reset button all the way to 30-30-30 reset !!!
so i decided to downgrade it really low to version then to upgrade it again to but then i fall in a trap !! the old version doesn't support local upgrade as the new one. 
so i started looking into other options which was TFTP and i downloaded and placed both files
(zf7363_912_cntrl.rcks & 7363_9. inside the folder where TFTP is installed and tried to run AP upgrade and it says erasing flash .. then writing software and go to random percentage like 4% or 12% or 15% and it throw error timeout after 5 retries
Any ideas or solutions will be much appreciated
Thank you all

New Contributor
any replies guys ?????