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I am getting big latency and jitter on newly implemented network.

New Contributor III
I am getting big latency and jitter on newly implemented network , I isolated issue on wireless network. i am using R500 and VSZ with latest firmware. 

please highlighted me key points i need to fine tune on my AP

Contributor II
Check your noise levels. Make sure your APs are spread out across all channels and not all on a single channel. Try with 5Ghz.

New Contributor III
Are you getting the same problem in all locations ?  If you are seeing bad jitter and high latency across an entire network, as Andrea hinted at, this would seem to indicate that the APs are overlapping to such a degree that one or two bad connections are affecting the whole airspace.  Drop your AP broadcast range and see if you can isolate it to a smaller area, more than likely its going to be stations that are affecting your network and not your equipment, if you can identify them, remove them from the network temporarily and bring your broadcast dB gain back up and see if the issue disappears.

New Contributor III
Thanks Andrea/Karl, I understood that is due to i enable all channels under my 2.5G channel rang, finally i changed my channel 1,6 and 11 as below to avoid channel overlapping . now my network is working fine no high latency or jitter.Image_ images_messages_5f91c42c135b77e24799de68_0396d4819443714acee4c77b4d500181_SWhAdDNLMG5zdGFuVGlWesGpx641fI-f7a64dfc-e227-4d25-bc35-fdb5a45f132a-679904312.png